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Deathrite & Lost World Order & Fallen Saints


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Deathrite are Beff, Andy, Tony, Tom, and Anton. But that wasn’t always the case. As with most bands lineups change, but the original core—Beff, Andy, Tony—started jamming together in Dresden in 2010. Informed by punk and hardcore’s pissed off mentality, inspired by the sounds—namely, the buzzsaw guitar tone resulting from the Boss HM-2 pedal—of early stage Entombed and Dismember, and totally in awe of the opposite ends of grindcore and sludge, Deathrite’s style was unlikely but stabbed strongly at the heart of it all. There was no pretense in Deathrite. Only a bunch of likeminded Germans bonded by things hard, fast, slow, and heavy.
Across three full-lengths—2011’s Deathrite, 2013’s Into Extinction, and 2015’s Revelation of Chaos—Deathrite ripped hard and long. They toured Europe, playing with bands like Napalm Death, Toxic Holocaust and Ramming Speed to throngs of metalheads eager for their own Deathrite experience, while the press proclaimed Deathrite’s victory over the genres they were influenced by. To wit, Metal Hammer proclaimed the Germans’ Revelation of Chaos to be “wonderfully raw, deeply accented” and simply said, “Revelation of Chaos is an old-school DM [death metal] banger.” This much was clear: an encounter, whether on record or stage, with Deathrite wasn’t to be taken lightly.

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